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Specialised Machinery and Equipment Insurance is intended to insure both self-propelled machinery as well as stationary or towed equipment.
You can also insure temporary buildings at a construction site, residential and utility rooms, workshops and warehouses.

Whilst a motor insurance contract insures machines against damage when driving on public roads, machine and equipment insurance primarily covers damage at the workplace, such as construction sites, fields and forests, as an additional cover for damage to road traffic both independently and during transport.

Main risks:
Natural disasters
Illegal activities of third parties, including theft
Glass breakage
Collision with another object

Additional risks:
Participation in road traffic
Additional costs
Accelerated repairs
Rescue costs
Insurance cover outside Estonia
Other risks depending on the nature of the technique and its use

Insurance service information document

Machinery insurance terms and conditions
Terms and conditions No. B6-01
effective as of 08.12.2009 (in estonian)

General Insurance Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions No. GC 2019.0
effective as of 01.07.2019

Terms and Conditions No. GC-2012
effective as of 01.12.2011 till 30.06.2019

Recreational Craft Insurance includes cover against risks when the recreational craft is in the water, discharged or taken out of the water, transported by a trailer or moored at the berth.
It is possible to insure any recreational craft registered in the required register of the respective country of location. In the Republic of Estonia, a recreational craft must be registered in the corresponding register of the Road Administration or the Maritime Administration. The insurance period for Recreational Craft Insurance can be from three months to one year.

We offer insurance for the following small boats:

motor boats
sailboats and motor yachts
rowing boats and canoes
other recreational craft

Recreational Watercraft Insurance terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions No 12.VL1
effective from 11.10.2022

Terms and Conditions-no-06-vl1 
effective from 19.04.2022

Terms and conditions No. EE40
effective from 24.04.2015 until 18.04.2022

General Insurance Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions No. GC 2019.0
effective as of 01.07.2019

Terms and Conditions No. GC-2012
effective as of 01.12.2011 till 30.06.2019

(in estonian)

General Liability Insurance for Recreational Watercraft Owners, such as Motor Insurance, provides insurance cover and protects against unexpected and unforeseen claims by third parties in the event of a maritime accident.

A recreational craft whose owner's liability is insured must be registered in the required register of the relevant country of location. In the Republic of Estonia, a recreational craft must be registered in the relevant register of the Road Administration or the Maritime Administration.

General liability insurance for recreational watercraft owners
Terms and conditions No. EE41
effective as of 24.04.2015

General Insurance Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions No. GC 2019.0
effective as of 01.07.2019

Terms and Conditions No. GC-2012
effective as of 01.12.2011 till 30.06.2019

(in estonian)

Marine Insurance protects the owner in the event of partial damage, loss or total destruction of a ship. Marine Insurance also covers rescue and overhead costs.

Marine Insurance is provided in accordance with the International Marine Risks Insurance Terms and Conditions (INSTITUTE TIME CLAUSES), which are accepted by banks and reinsurance companies and provide additional protection for the client.

We offer insurance coverage for all types of vessels:

floating structures (such as floating docks, cranes, accommodation hulks, barges)
technical and auxiliary shipping aids (such as fishing vessels, tug boats, icebreakers, hydrography vessels, pilot vessels)
vessels used for transportation (such as passenger ferries, dry cargo vessels, general cargo vessels)

Main risks:

Water traffic accidents
Fire, explosion
Theft, robbery, illegitimate activities of third parties
Natural disasters (earthquake, volcano eruption, lightning)
Danger of accident
Piracy, armed robbery at sea
Collision with port equipment or facilities
Shaft breakage, steam boiler rapture, latent manufacturing defects
Negligence of the captain, crew members, pilots
Gross negligence of the captain or the crew

Ship Repairers' Insurance covers the liability of the company in the event of damage to and total destruction of the ship which occurs during the work performed and, in addition to damage to property located on the ship, if it was under the supervision of the insured person. This type of insurance is important, in particular when concluding repair contracts with a ship repair company.
The insurance offered by BTA covers the liability of both the main contractor and the subcontractor at the factory or outside of the factory.
Ship repair liability insurance is based on the risk insurance rules SWISS RE SHIP REPAIRER'S LIABILITY CLAUSES LSW 169A dd.01.10990.

Cargo Insurance protects the goods in the event of damage or loss during transport. The insurance covers single or recurrent shipments of goods and is suitable for both the buyer and the seller of the goods.
Cargo Insurance indemnifies for damage caused to cargo due to, for example:
traffic accident
natural disaster etc.

You can choose wider total risk insurance coverage or create your own.

Cargo insurance terms and conditions

When concluding an insurance contract, we follow the conditions of the internationally recognized Institute of London Underwriters. (Institute Cargo Clauses - ICC)

General Insurance Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions No. GC 2019.0
effective as of 01.07.2019

Terms and Conditions No. GC-2012
effective as of 01.12.2011 till 30.06.2019

If you own a helicopter, hot air balloon, glider or other aircraft and wish to protect yourself in the event of any unexpected accidents that may occur as a result of an accident or damage to the aircraft during take-off or landing, insure it. We have long experience in aircraft insurance; we provide the best conditions and create solutions based on your needs.

The aircraft is insured in accordance with internationally recognised aviation insurance conditions.

The insurance is valid both in the air and on the ground. The insurance indemnity is paid if, as a result of an unexpected and unforeseen event, one of the following risks materialises, which is not excluded by the insurance policy:
damage to the aircraft
destruction of the aircraft
loss of aircraft

No matter how careful we are, anyone may accidently damage property belonging to another person or cause damage to the health or life of another person. It is the obligation of each person to indemnify losses caused to another person; however, you may trust us with covering such losses, provided you have insured your civil liability.
Civil liability insurance of aircraft owners, similar to MTPL insurance of your motor vehicle, will protect you from unexpected expenses in the event of causing damage to other person as a result of an accident.
Insured risks:
damage to the life or health of another person (excluding passengers)
damage to or destruction of another person's property (excluding passengers)
damage to the life or health of passengers
damage to passengers' luggage and private property
damage to hand luggage

Crop insurance terms and conditions
Terms and conditions
effective as of 09.09.2020.

Railways are important for both passenger and freight transport. Today, railway transport is used more and more. BTA offers Estonian railway companies confidence in both domestic and foreign transport.
The insurance contract can be concluded by the owner, lessee or another legal possessor of the railway vehicle.

Railway Transport Insurance covers:

damage caused by a train accident, collision or derailment
damage caused by a fire or an explosion of a railway vehicle
damage caused by natural disasters (flood, storm, hurricane, rockfall, landslide, snowfall, lightning, tornado, hail).
loss of a railway vehicle
damage caused by illegal activities of a third party

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