Motor and Casco insurance

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Special car usage
The vehicle is used as a short-term rental vehicle, emergency vehicle, educational vehicle, transportation, courier or taxi service, or for contract transportation (eg Uber, Taxify, Yandex)

Motor and Casco insurance in minutes!

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Why choose Motor and Casco insurance together

Motor insurance alone is not enough!

Motor insurance is a compulsory insurance policy that covers the other party to the accident if you are responsible for causing the accident. Damage to your own vehicle is covered by Casco insurance.

Full insurance is simple and profitable!

You will save time and money if you buy Casco and motor insurance together. Additional cover you choose yourself!

Casco and Motor insurance together won't leave you walking on the sidewalk!

The insurance bundle makes sure that in case of accident a solution from BTA insurance is just a call away.

BTA also offers in Casco insurance for free


Glass damage without deductible
Glass damage without deductible
In addition to the vehicle windscreen and interior windows, we also indemnify without any deductible lights and mirrors damage if only the glass surface should be replaced.


Collision with an animal without deductible
Collision with an animal without deductible
Damage caused by a collision with an animal is indemnified without any deductible if it is the first such event in frame of the current policy.


Personal belongings insurance
Personal belongings insurance
Under Personal Belongings Insurance, we indemnify the value of things in the vehicle that have been damaged, destroyed or stolen during the insured event. Damage is reimbursed in the amount till 300 euros per case with a deductible of 15 euros.

Additional information and Insurance terms

In case of an accident please contact our customer service +372 5 68 68 668 or read the instructions

Traffic and Casco insurance can be concluded on this page as a guest, by authorizing in eOffice or with the help of a customer support representative, by writing to or by calling +372 5 68 68 668.